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VueJS / Headless CMS / Custom VM / NodeJS

Creation of the 2Ronin website, founded and created by Alessandro Pellizzari, for the supply of digital services by bringing together a group of professionals in the sector.

The site was created using a Headless CMS separating the front-end from content. Using API Rest, authenticated in a secure way, the two systems communicate for content processing.

The site was created by introducing animation using Cavans HTML5 and optimized for search engines and rendering speed.

Sisma Login

VueJS / Laravel / File / Responsive

The Customer needed to create secure software protected by authentication with different access levels.

The application has been created thinking about how to manage and archive large files and to allow to be found and downloaded in an intuitive and immediate way. The customizable contents have been made dynamic and independently configurable by the Customer in order to allow greater autonomy and control. Content archiving is optimized in order to keep the whole system consistent and without waste. The database has been structured in such a way as to make the search for files performing. Finally, software systems have been designed to increase application security and prevent SPAM.

This application has been created through the use of the PHP Laravel framework as regards the back-end part. The front-end part, on the other hand, was made in Vue JS, creating attractive and easy-to-interact graphics components in order to obtain a functional and at the same time pleasant to use software.

Bike Rental - App iOS/Android

React Native / Laravel / Rest API / IoT

This project required the development of a native application for Android and iOS for bicycle rental.

The application was created to allow complete control of the e-bike including on / off, geolocation, alarm, hardware check and battery status.

For the rental, a public portal has also been created for online booking with payment by credit card. At the booking request, the system checks the availability of the bikes based on the user's choices (eg days, check-in / out point, etc.) in order to avoid collisions.

Finally, for the administrative management An ad hoc management system was created in Laravel and VueJS in order to allow the management of bicycles, smartphones, alarms, reservations, movements, staff, etc.

Comete - Diamanti

Laravel / Responsive / Social / SEO

The Customer submitted the need to be able to generate certificates for the diamonds installed on its products. Each product differs in quantity and weight of the stones. Another need was to find a way to interact with the user by creating personalized content to share on social media.

The application contains an important amount of data since all the products having diamonds had to be coded. A lot of importance has therefore been given to the performance of the site in order to offer an optimal user experience to users. A rendering engine has been designed to generate a PDF as a certificate. We then studied how to create customizable content for users, and a section of the site was designed where Comete Gioielli customers can choose a personal photo to personalize with graphic content of their choice.

The application was developed using the PHP Laravel framework. The front-end part was created using Javascript and HTML Canvas to render personalized multimedia contents. Finally, multimedia content has been added to the site in order to make Comete Gioielli Customers understand what the craftsmanship behind each jewel is.

Ares Line - Company profile

VueJS / Responsive / Animations / SVG

The Customers's goal was to obtain a page incorporating all the key points and the history of the business. For this reason, he asked us to develop personalized animations so that each section was effective for the user.

The page in question has been designed in such a way that it can be incorporated into an existing website developed by third parties. For this reason it was necessary to create an automatism for the anonymization of all content that could conflict with the rules of the main site. To perform the animations of the SVG graphics, a special ad-hoc library has been created. A custom style map has also been added to the page which feeds asynchronously through an external API.

The page was created entirely in Javascript using the Vue Js framework. All the animations, one different from the other, were created manually in order to obtain the desired result. This activity saw us interfacing through the use of Zeplin with a third party supplier that took care of the layouts.

Motor Fest

Wordpress / AWS / High Availability

The Customer asked to create a website that would host all the digital multimedia contents to be made available on the commissioned site. The site had to be intuitive, immediate, responsive and in line with the pre-existing institutional portal. The impact of users on servers was also studied given the global interest of the event.

The application was created on a WordPress basis as a platform already known by the Customer and therefore immediately usable for data entry activities in parallel with the development of the site. The code has been studied, even if Wordpress was not born natively in this way, by means of MVC design patterns in order to optimize implementation and interaction times in the development team.

The code was developed using the latest technologies. The PHP part is made up of objects and classes. Javascript is written in ES6, transpiled and optimized in the production release. The server was created on Amazon AWS services with a highly reliable architecture. The server system is protected by an ELB load balancer and a healt check system, the infrastructure is scalable horizontally by adding new machines and computing power if necessary in order to avoid any type of disservice. All assets are optimized in CDN with a hit cache rate of ~ 92%. Lastly, a security firewall was activated to protect against malicious DDoS attacks.


Wordpress / Responsive / SEO

MusiCare is a website created for the Quartet of Vicenza in WordPress.

The portal was created by creating an ad hoc team created on the basis of the layouts received, responsive and accessible.

By inserting customized fields, the customer can manage the site in complete autonomy by inserting the contents as he wishes.

Furthermore, all the html code of the pages has been developed in order to optimize the indexing of the contents on the engines of research.

Comete - Lucky Days

Laravel / Responsive / Animations

Together with the Customer I studied the most suitable way to create a national portal with the aim of generating the discount codes for the promotion. The codes are collected by authorized Comete brand dealers and verified by the system. The main objective was to obtain a simple and intuitive system for both those who generate and those who collect and record the codes.

The portal has been designed in such a way as to be able to efficiently manage the collection of many data, the sending of many emails, keeping the collected data safe and the prevention of SPAM. The performance of the site was at the basis of everything since the promotion, remaining active for a short time at a time, generated interesting traffic.

The portal was created in a responsive way in order to be consulted from any device (PC / tablet / smartphone). The heart of the software was implemented with the Laravel PHP framework.

Fonology - Configuratore

Web APP / Javascript

With the Customer I focused on verifying the calculation formulas involved in this application, studying the correct way to implement the necessary software architecture.

The application has been designed in such a way that it can be freely incorporated into any Ares Line site, therefore any dependencies have been eliminated by incorporating all the necessary data into a single package. The user is guided through a wizard in the configuration of the spaces indicating surfaces and composition of the rooms. Reverberation data is calculated by selecting the Fonology brand products.

The application was created entirely in Javascript. The code was written to be supported by all browsers or devices.

Comete - Fedi

Custom MVC / SEO / Animations

The website commissioned by the Customer lists all the products of the wedding ring type of the Comete Gioielli brand. We therefore studied how to help future spouses through simple questions that refine the list of products.

In this phase we studied how to efficiently categorize the various rings in order to filter them and how to make the site perform by having to show many images. Finally, for the chosen ring we made it possible to preview the engraving on the inside and generate the PDF with all the specifications.

The application was created using a PHP MVC framework created specifically for this work. The front end is managed by Javascript and HTML Canvas.